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How to become an Au Pair in America

It's very straightforward! The application is easily completed in a few simple steps. We are here to help and guide you through the process if you should need any help or assistance.

To get started, check that you meet our program requirements. If you feel that you meet the program requirements, submit your basic Registration information by clicking on the Apply Now button in the navigation. Once your details have been registered, you will receive an email directing you to our secure password protected online Application Site. Log in to your personalized online Application Site and start your online application.

Your aim is to create a personalized online profile that will stand out to host families who are looking for their next au pair. It is important that you provide as much information as possible so that host families can get a good understanding of who you are, what you are hoping to gain from your au pair experience and what you can bring to their family. Host families may look at a number of au pair profiles and you need to think about what information is going to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

What are you waiting for? Apply today for the experience of a lifetime!

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“Au Pair in America has provided me with great allowed me to earn two masters degrees!” Elizabeth Amapunda Baskerville - Namibia

The Application Process

Create your online profile: stand out from the crowd!

Your online profile will be a true representation of who you really are! It should demonstrate the childcare experience you have and also your personality. Be expressive, creative and most of all don't be afraid to be yourself! This is your chance to show host families why they should choose you to be their au pair. During the application process you will be asked to create a short video all about yourself, which our host families love! Take the time to be creative and show your true personality. Many host families have selected their au pairs based purely on how they came across in the video, so take the time to plan it well and show families the real you.

The Application Site is full of helpful resources to assist you in completing your application and preparing you for the year ahead as an au pair. When you start your application, you will be assigned to a local interviewer who is there to guide you every step of the way. Many of our interviewers are returned au pairs and know exactly what you are going through. They are able to tell you all about living, studying and travelling in the USA and what life as an Au Pair in America is all about. Your interviewer is there to answer all your questions, help you complete your online application and give advice on how to improve your profile to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

To get started on your application, you need to complete

  • Application Form
  • Childcare Experience Form
  • Host Family Letter

You will also need to upload

  • A short video starring you! (Tell us about your life and experience)
  • Photographs of you, your family and friends and the children you care for
  • A passport photo and copy of your passport
  • 3 written references (at least 1 childcare reference must be included).
  • Medical Form (completed by your doctor)
  • Full Driving License
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Education Certificate

What happens next?

You've completed the online forms and created an amazing video. Now what?

Attending the Interview

When your online application is complete you will have a personal interview with your local interviewer. This is where you will discuss your expectations for the year ahead, your childcare experience and further information that will help build a good profile that will be presented to our host families. You will also be required to complete a personality questionnaire to help support your application.

Interviews take place all year round, so you can apply whenever it suits you, but you should allow at least four to six months before you want your placement to begin. Your exact departure date will depend on your host family's requirements.

After the interview, your interviewer will submit your application to your local Au Pair in America Agency for final review before it is submitted to Au Pair in America. You will be notified by Au Pair in America once your application has been accepted and your profile will then be ready to be presented to our host families. How exciting!

Matching With Your Perfect Host Family

Our host families will be able to view your application online once you have been accepted to the program. You can keep track of which families are interested in you via your Application Site and the Au Pair App.

The families may now request to talk to you via telephone or Skype, and this will give you the opportunity to mutually make an informed decision about which family suits you best, and if you are a good match. This may depend on your childcare experience, their requirements, your mutual interests and compatible factors in general. How long it takes will depend on a variety of factors, it could be clear after one conversation or it may be longer than that.

Always be open-minded and consider the importance of finding the right family. Think about what it is you're hoping to gain from your au pair experience and if the family you are speaking to is going to help you achieve those goals. You are going to stay with them for a year, so you need to be sure that they are the right family for you! You can always contact your interviewer for advice if you are unsure.

Obtain your visa, pay the program fee and you're on your way to the USA!

After you have matched with a host family we are here to help you make an appointment at your local US Embassy to submit your J1 visa application. Au Pair in America arranges all your visa documents and your flight to the USA. We will not invoice you for the Au Pair in America Program Fee until you have matched with your host family. You will then pay the Program Free and select the Insurance Package you have decided on via your secure personal Application Site.

That's it! You are now ready to live your dream as an Au Pair in America!