Expand your mind through childcare, study and travel with Au Pair in America

To be a great Au Pair you must be motivated, open-minded and of course love spending time with children! The term 'au pair' means 'on par' or equal, which is exactly what you will be – an equal member of your host family. Au pairs are international visitors who, on a J-1 Visitor Exchange visa, live with an American host family of their choice for a minimum of 12 months whilst caring for their children.

If you meet all of our program requirements, you can register on our website and start your online application today! If you do not quite meet all of these program requirements, then contact your local Au Pair in America interviewer to discuss what you need to do in order to apply. We help over 4,000 young people each year from all around the world to live their American dream. You can be next!

You Can Apply If You

  • Are between the ages of 18 - 26 years old
  • Have 200 hours of non-family childcare experience
  • Have gained your experience within the last 3 years
  • Have a valid driving license and clean driving record
  • Are a secondary school graduate or equivalent
  • Have a good standard of spoken English skills
  • Have never been convicted of a criminal offence
  • Are unmarried with no spouse or dependents
  • Want to spend a year living with an American family

“Living with my American Host family was like being with my second family. I now have a family in Germany and one in the USA.” Marie - Germany


You can choose to participate on one of our specialized Au Pair programs if you meet the additional qualification requirements.

Candice Rootman

Candice Rootman

Location: Dallas, TX
No of children: 1
Age: 23

Meet one of our au pairs in America

Candice has been an au pair with her host family since February. This is what she has to say about her experience.

Why did you choose Au Pair in America?

I was working as an au pair in my home country and first heard about Au Pair in America through a friend who had just gone through the matching process and was lucky enough to be placed in Hawaii! I decided to speak to the staff at my local agency and I chose Au Pair in America because they were the agency that suited me best. Everything was organized and simple!It is a safe program and allows you as the au pair to decide which host family is your best fit to make your year (or two) unforgettable.

Describe a typical day with your host family.

A typical day with my host family is definitely never dull with a 19 month old who learns new words every day! My day starts off by helping my host mom prepare breakfast for us. Pancakes are our favorite! After breakfast, my host parents begin their day at work. Aiden and I then start our busy day of playing, learning and fun! We love to read books, play with blocks and trucks, and paint! When the weather is good, we go for walks in the neighborhood and even meet other au pairs with children of similar ages in the park. Aiden has a nap after lunch and when he wakes up, its play time again! When my host parents get home, we prepare dinner together. We eat together, clean up together and then relax together - just like a real family.

What do you enjoy the most about being an au pair?

I enjoy that I can bring a wealth of knowledge into my family about children. I help my host family with what development milestones there are, what the development levels are and good activities to help a child learn through play. I feel that I can do my absolute best with my knowledge and experience and provide good quality childcare. I enjoy knowing that I am doing and giving of my best!

What is the best part about life in the USA?

The people and the culture! The food is also great! There is such a big variety of all the products and with so many options, going to the grocery store is so much fun! The people and culture in the USA are so diverse. It is really interesting to hear the different languages and accents and to broaden my world view. There are plenty cultural events, festivals and markets which are really fun to go to.

What do you do during your free time?

Me and other au pairs from Au Pair in America like to do activities together. We have dinner parties where everyone has a night to cook food from their country for everyone to try. We love going to the malls, ice skating, watching movies and exploring the city doing fun activities. I also love reading and my host family has a lovely collection of books that I am making my way through! I am interested in fitness so I attend a gym and I also attend classes at a local college where I am learning about Sports Nutrition.

What do you enjoy doing with your host family?

Things like eating meals together – on weekends we try new restaurants. I enjoy going shopping and watching movies at home on the couch with my host mom. My host dad and I run some fun races together. Just being with them is so great no matter what we do! They really make me feel like I am part of their family and I love it!

What advice would you give future au pairs who are considering applying to be an au pair?

GO FOR IT!! Yes, it is difficult to leave home – to leave behind family and friends, but the path ahead is an adventure of a lifetime! You will make so many new friends from all over the world who can teach you so many things. Being an au pair in America is the best decision anyone can make as you not only learn about yourself, but others too! You will become independent and brave and have experiences, friends and memories that last a life time!