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Educational Benefits

Our au pairs assist in the intellectual development of children of all ages.

Just as smaller class sizes in school can improve student performance, an au pair in your home can facilitate intellectual growth and academic performance with personalized one-on-one attention. Host families often share stories of their children’s social skills and grades improving and of skyrocketing language proficiency and blossoming foreign language skills with the attention and intercultural learning au pairs bring into their homes.

Academic Support & Engagement

While au pairs are not intended to be full-fledged tutors, it is their responsibility to help with homework whenever possible, giving you the built-in luxury of a homework helper. Studying is more fun and engaging with the attention and assistance of an au pair. They can provide extra help when kids are struggling and help them stay on task to make sure homework is completed and students are prepared for class each day.

Au Pair Support and Engagement

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Language & Intellectual Development

From birth, the more words that are spoken to children, the faster their language, vocabulary and IQ develop. What’s more, whether your au pair’s native language is English or not, steady exposure to spoken conversation in any language enhances and stimulates brain development.

If you want your children to grow up learning another language, au pairs are a great way to give kids regular exposure and daily practice with foreign language and vocabulary. Younger children are especially suited to learn a second language, because their developing brains are wired to learn a new language as easily as they learned the first. Many au pairs utilize books, songs and games when helping to share their native languages with host children.

Cultural Care & Global Skills

Many of our host families cite the cultural care and enrichment their children received from international au pairs among the greatest values of the Au Pair in America programs. Families can choose an au pair from a country that they are interested in learning more about or perhaps to stay connected with their heritage. As these children grow older and begin to interact with the world around them, they are uniquely equipped with advanced communication and global skills learned from a home embracing cultural exchange.

Visit our Global Awareness website, this unique volunteer program sponsored by Au Pair in America, is designed to encourage au pairs to teach others about their country and customs.

Au Pair Support and Engagement

Special Needs Care Au Pair

Special Needs Care & Assistance

Au pairs can be of great assistance to families with children with special needs, helping with appointments and following up with therapeutic activities and exercises. Children with special needs often show signs of improvement and greater happiness with the attention and companionship of an au pair caregiver to help them with their challenges. Au Pair in America can help you find a great match with an au pair interested in caring for children with special needs or if you prefer, help you choose from au pairs with documented experience caring for children with special needs.

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Educational Benefits

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