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Program Cost

Au Pair in America program fees are based on a program duration of 12 months and the program option you select. Fees are per family, not per child.

2015 Program Fees:

For short term (under 12 months) au pair fees and availability, please contact Alex Ramirez at (800) 928-7247 ext. 5161 or email

Au Pair Extraordinaire Educare
Match Fee $400 $400 $400
Program Fee Annual $8,245 $9,375 $7,065
Minimum Weekly Stipend*
Paid weekly/51 weeks
$195.75 $250 $146.81

weekly cost

(45hrs of weekly care)

(45hrs of weekly care)

(30hrs of weekly care)

*The minimum weekly stipend is established by the United States government
Au Pair Extraordinaire Educare
Match Fee $400 $400 $400
Program Fee Annual $8,045 $9,195 $6,895
Weekly Stipend* Paid weekly/51 weeks $195.75** $250** $146.81**

weekly cost

$ 361
(45hrs of weekly care)

$ 438
(45hrs of weekly care)

$ 290
(30hrs of weekly care)

Base program fees include:

  • Recruitment, interviewing and selection of the au pair and host family
  • Administrative and support services during the exchange
  • Round trip transportation between designated cities abroad and the au pair orientation site
  • Au pair orientation and training
  • Partial J-1 visa processing
  • A portion of basic medical insurance
  • Personal liability coverage
  • A cultural workshop for the au pair
  • A cultural workshop for the host family
  • Unlimited access to online resources
  • Rematching service should a replacement au pair be required to fulfill a host family's contract year.

* To maintain a uniform program fee for host families, au pairs and EduCare companions traveling to and from select cities pay a flight surcharge towards their airline cost.

Au pairs pay a program fee that, in part, covers screening and placement services, visa processing, resource materials and a portion of international flight costs from select gateways.

Additional cost considerations:

The following are not included in the Au Pair in America fees and should be considered by host families. Private room and board, weekly stipend paid to the au pair / companion (see chart), automobile insurance, public transportation if not providing use of car, educational allowance towards tuition, and course materials.

Year2 au pair weekly stipends - A limited number of Year2 au pairs will seek placement with a different family for their extension term. In these instances host families pay the published fee in accordance with the au pair's status as an Extraordinaire, EduCare or Au Pair applicant. The weekly stipend is currently $195.75 for the Au Pair program, $250 for the Extraordinaire program and $146.81 for the EduCare program.

Extraordinaire weekly stipends - First year Extraordinaire au pairs receive a weekly pocket money stipend of $250.

**The minimum weekly stipend is established by the United States government based on a formula which calculates the federal minimum wage less an allowance for room and board. The stipend for Au Pair and for EduCare is based on the minimum wage law currently in effect. The weekly stipend for Extraordinaire is stipulated by Au Pair in America. As federal minimum wage law changes, weekly stipend changes.

Fees do not include the educational allowance required of all host families–$500 for Au Pair and Extraordinaire; $1,000 for EduCare. The educational component is currently under review by The Department of State. You will be advised if there is a mandated change. Match fee is non-refundable unless Au Pair in America can not bring in the au pair.

*A $35 U.S. government imposed SEVIS fee is charged for every au pair arriving to your home, except in circumstances where the au pair has transferred from one family into your family.

Excess airline fees: An additional fee may be imposed if air carriers levy increased fuel surcharges or new increased taxes after January 1, 2012.

Program Support and Policies

Program fees are due 30 days prior to the arrival of the au pair / companion in the United States.

The program fee to Au Pair in America is due 30 days prior to the arrival of the au pair / companion in the United States. An unpaid balance 30 days past due will be subject to a finance charge.

Host families may elect to make payment arrangements through Au Pairs in America's Extended Payment Plan.

All program fees are payable by personal check or by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Make checks payable to Au Pair in America or EduCare in America.

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