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When working parents choose an au pair as their child care provider, they’re not only improving their work-life balance, they’re increasing their productivity at the office.

An au pair provides child care that can accommodate sick days, snow days, pick-ups, drop-offs and any of life’s other surprises helping to reduce employee stress, increasing their flexibility and maximizing their productivity.

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A working mom and her daughter

Improve Your Employees':

  • Flexibility

    Worrying about sick days and school cancellations will be a thing of the past. Parents can rest assured their child care needs are covered, resulting in lower stress and less time out of the office

  • Work-Life Balance

    Overly stressed employees are three times more likely to suffer from illness and twice as likely to quit. A trusted au pair at home with their child provides parents with peace of mind and the mental clarity to stay focused on work while at the office.

  • Morale

    Nothing is more important to a parent than their child. When they know their child is safe and happy, they are at their happiest and most productive, helping to create a positive and efficient work environment.

  • Productivity

    If your employees aren't spending time focusing on child care coverage, they are able to spend their time more productively and efficiently in the office.

An Au Pair with her host family

The Trusted Choice for Over 25 Years

Au Pair in America is the first organization to be designated by the U.S. Government to offer a legal au pair program. Since 1986, we have placed more than 90,000 au pairs with American host families in 40 states. We strive to bring the highest standards of quality child care to every one of our families. We work to find the right fit for each and every au pair and family and offer the most thorough and comprehensive support in the industry.

"Having an au pair gives me the flexibilty and ease of leaving the house for work without having to take my children to a daycare center. If my kids are sick or just tired, they can be comfortable in their own home with someone who is part of our family."

—Shari, Glastonbury, CT

How to Get Started

Your company and employees will truly benefit from Au Pair in America. What’s more, getting started is simple and commitment-free. Bring the nation’s most trusted child care provider to your workforce through one of these easy options:

  • Schedule a Presentation

    One of our local representatives in your area will come to your office for a brief presentation about the benefits of Au Pair in America. From there, we can arrange an optional “lunch and learn”meeting for interested employees to see how they will improve their lives – both at home and work – when they choose an au pair for their child care needs.

  • Order Materials

    Receive personalized materials and literature to display or distribute at the office. Brochures, posters, business cards, giveaway items and more are available to help spread the word about our popular child care solution.

  • Inclusion in a Company Event

    Have an Au Pair in America local representative attend one of your company’s existing HR or wellness fairs as a vendor. We’ll bring brochures, literature and giveaway items to help your employees learn more about our life-changing program.

We sincerely look forward to hearing from you and working with you to get the most from your workforce!

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