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Au Pair Culture Quests


Northern Europe
Capital: Helsinki
Language(s): Finnish, Swedish, Sami (regional)
Predominant Religion(s): Christianity (predominantly Lutheran)

The following information is generalized and compiled from questions posed to the agents and interviewers in Finland. Although au pairs from this country may or may not have had these experiences/beliefs, Au Pair in America wishes to share this general information with our families.

Common Characteristics:

  • Finns describe themselves as honest, hardworking, reliable and independent but also shy and quiet when first meeting people.
  • Finns love sports. Many Finnish children play football, ice-hockey or floorball after school.
  • Nature is really important to Finnish people. Nature is the place where Finns go to spend time with their friends and families and just to enjoy the views and the silence.

Fun Facts:

  • It is a normal to have a sauna in your house, even in apartments. There are about 2.2 million saunas in Finland, 1 for every 2.5 people.
  • Finland is a country with thousands of lakes (about 188,000 lakes).
  • In the summer there are days when the sun never sets and Finland is known as "the land of the midnight sun."

Useful Phrases:

  • How are you?       Mitä kuuluu?
  • Fine, thanks.       Hyvää, kiitos.
  • My name is…    Minun nimeni on...
  • Nice to meet you.       Mukava tavata.
  • Thank you.       Kiitos.

“It's a life changing experience..go for it!”   – Heidi, au pair from Finland
“My year as an au pair was absolutely the best year of my life so far. I loved my host family and I've visited them three times since I moved back to Finland. As an au pair you'll get to be part of your host family.”   – Hanna, au pair from Finland
“It is a great experience and opportunity. You get to be independent and learn about another country and culture. American people are really kind and supportive, and you will definitely make new friends if you are open minded.”   – Paula, au pair from Finland

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