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Western Central South America
Capital: Sucre
Languages: Spanish
Predominant Religion(s): Christianity
(Roman Catholic)

The following information is generalized and compiled from questions posed to the agents and interviewers in Bolivia. Although au pairs from this country may or may not have had these experiences/beliefs, Au Pair in America wishes to share this general information with our families.

Common Characteristics:

  • Bolivian people describe themselves as friendly and hard working.
  • Bolivia people have strong family ties.
  • Traditions and culture are very important values for young people.

Fun Facts:

  • The amazing “Cristo de la Concordia” statue in Cochabamba city is the biggest in the world; it was built in memory of Papa Juan Pablo II.
  • The green lake located in Potosi city at the foot of Licancabur, one of the largest active volcanoes, is one of the most wonderful lakes in the world. The green color is due to high levels of magnesium in the water.
  • The slowest flowering plant in the world comes from Bolivia. The "Puya Raymundi" is a very strange and unusual plant. Discovered in 1870, the flower only appears when the plant is 80 to 150 years old.

Useful Phrases:

  • How are you?             Como estás?
  • Fine, thanks.               Bien, gracias.
  • My name is…             Mi nombre es…
  • Nice to meet you!        Mucho gusto!
  • Thank you.                  Gracias.

“ It is a good opportunity to learn more about new cultures and to improve your English.”   – Paula - au pair from Bolivia
“It's a special and important experience – I shared my culture and customs with my host family, especially with the children.”   – Very - au pair from Bolivia
“Au Pair in America is the best way to learn about American culture and about other cultures as you meet people from all over the world!”   – Luz - au pair from Bolivia

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