For more than 25 years, Au Pair in America has been the nation’s leading provider for intercultural live-in childcare. Since 1986, we have placed more than 110,000 au pairs with American host families in the Washington, DC area and throughout the United States.

  • Flexible and dependable
  • Full service
  • An enriching experience for the entire family

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Support in Your Area

Our local, professional Community Counselors reside in your area and provide daily, ongoing support to you and your au pair to ensure a happy and successful experience. Give us a call at (800) 928-7247 to connect with the counselor in your area of Washington, DC.

What Washington DC families have to say...

"Having an au pair gives our children the most consistent care at the best price. We have all benefitted from the cultural exchange in ways that we didn't originally anticipate making us more welcoming, sharing, patient, tolerant and loving as a family. Using au pairs has been a great experience for all of us."

—Suzy, Host Mom in Washington, DC

"Au Pair in America provides the broadest breadth of candidates, the best support for both the au pairs and the families, and the best overall program for au pairs in the United States. Our family is now very much aware of a new culture, specifically the Thai culture - something we were not prior to this experience."

—Frederique, Host Mom in Washington, DC

"I love that I don't have to worry about my son when I am at work. I believe that he is getting the best care and love possible. I also don't have to worry about other kids hurting him, other kids' germs, not getting enough attention, or any of the other problems associated with other child care options. As a new mom, the best help that I can have is the confidence that I feel with our au pair that our son is happy, health, and safe."

—Melissa, Host Mom in Washington, DC

"We have enjoyed our au pair experience and would likely get another au pair. The consistency in child care at-home and the flexibility in taking someone with us on trips, etc. has been invaluable. Our au pair is truly part of our family."

—Sharon, Host Mom in Washington, DC

Au Pair and her Host Family