Option to Extend

...for a further 6, 9 or 12 months

Experience another amazing year in the US! Visit places you might not have had the chance to travel to during your first year. Stay with your family or match with a new one and discover a whole new experience.

So many au pairs have such a wonderful experience during their first year that very often they decide to stay on for longer in the US. In order to extend, you must have successfully completed 12 months with your host family and you must meet all the program guidelines, which includes all education components.

You have the option to extend for a further 6, 9 or 12 months. You can stay with your current host family or be considered for a placement with a new family elsewhere if you wish to experience living in a different part of America.

When you extend, you will continue the educational component of the program. Those on the Au Pair or Au Pair Extraordinaire program will receive a study allowance of up to US$250 for a 6-month extension and up to US$500 for a longer extension with their host family. Extend your stay and your American adventure! Those on the eduCare in America program will receive a study allowance of up to US$500 for a 6-month extension and up to US$1000 for a longer extension with their host family.

“I just love my host family and have decided to stay on as their au pair for another year! I am so happy!” Giselle - Brazil

Natalia Blanco

Natalia Blanco

Location: Phoenix, AZ
No of children: 1
Age: 27

A day in the life of...Natalia

Natalia extended her stay with the same host family. This is her story.

What made you decide to extend your stay with Au Pair in America?

I wanted to know more about the United States, extend my experience in childcare, share my culture with other people, improve my English and visit more places around the country that I had not been to before.

Have you extended with the same family or a new family?

I extended with the same family.

Tell us a little bit about your host family.

My host family is the best, they are amazing! My host mom is a doctor and my host dad is a computer engineer. The baby that I care for is so cute and adorable. My host family love to travel and I love that too as I get to join them. They always try to help me improve my English and make me feel part of the family.

Describe a typical day with your host family.

I don't really have a set schedule as every day is different. During the week my host mom and my host dad leave early for work and I do activities with the baby. During weekends we always try and plan different activities and visit new places we haven't been to before. We have breakfast together and then we get ready for us all to head out for the day. Some days we may go for a hike and pack lunch for a picnic, or sometimes we go to a festival and have lunch there. At the end of the day we cook and eat together as a family, or we may just go to a restaurant. We do our best to have all our meals together all the time!

What is the best part of being an au pair in America?

The whole experience makes you a better person.